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With the Adenso VAC.ROBOTICS platform you create complex vacuum systems, especially DUAL.CLUSTERS, and thus double your vacuum process area. Our LINK.Modules connect individual cluster tools to form a large vacuum area. adCLUSTER thus enables the processing of substrates in significantly more process stations than usual, on a minimum footprint – and does so without leaving the vacuum room, i.e. without any influence of oxygen, moisture, particles, etc.

WAM modules

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LIM Link.Modules

The Adenso LIM Link.Modules enable the WHM WaferHandling.Module to be connected to peripheral equipment (atmospheric or under vacuum) for the setting up of a DUAL.CLUSTER or MULTI.CLUSTER. You therefore easily expand your existing cluster tool and double your process capacity, throughput and effectiveness! Optional expandable with heating and pressure control technologies


DLM DualLink.Modules

The Adenso DualLinkModules are special angled Link.Modules for connecting a WHM WaferHandling.Module to peripheral equipment such as front end modules (EFEM). The equipment mostly includes a TURN rotary unit. These modules can also be complemented with various optional substrate heaters and vacuum pressure controls

200419 Adenso WHM330X VAC-ROBOTICS 004x_Bearbeitet_opt

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