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WHM modules

Adenso WHM for 200, 300mm and special format substrates

The WHM WaferHandling.Module developed by Adenso with a central vacuum chamber and integrated WHR WaferHandling.Robot is optimised for the handling of substrates/carriers in the high vacuum. Our WHM WaferHandling.Module operates completely independently, is space-saving and can be easily docked onto your running process stations already completely functional – your Vacuum.Cluster tool is ready!

  1. WHR WaferHandling.Robot
  2. Vacuum chamber with 4 to 8 ports
  3. LLM LoadLock.Modules
  5. WAM WaferAlignment.Modules 

The Adenso Cluster.Operating system for control of the VAC.ROBOTICS platform:

to adControl

General requirements

WHM-VAC-4PS:Adenso WHM WaferHandling.module for 200mm or 300mm wafers with 4 loading ports

WHM-VAC-5PS:Adenso WHM WaferHandling.Module for 200mm or 300mm wafers width 5 loading ports

WHM-VAC-6PS: Adenso WHM WaferHandling.module for 200mm or 300mm wafers with 6 loading ports

WHM-VAC-7PS:Adenso WHM WaferHandling.Modul for 200mm or 300mm wafers width 7 loading ports

WHM-VAC-8PS:Adenso WHM WaferHandling.Modul for 200mm or 300mm wafers with 8 loading ports

Robot.Configurator –
Now compile your new cluster tool easily with the ROBOT.Configurator.

Adenso WHR

WHR WaferHandling.Robot – the basis for handling and automation

The Adenso WHR WaferHandling.Robot is the heart of our modular VAC.ROBOTICS platform. The Adenso.WHR undertakes tasks for handling sensitive and large substrates in vacuum robotics (industrial VacBot) and is optimised for maximum load capacity and large ranges. The simple arm geometry allows small gate valves and compact handling rotation areas.


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