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WAM WaferAlignment.Modules

The Adenso WAM200/300 VAC WaferAlignment.Module aligns substrates such as round and angular wafers, transparent substrates and carriers, centrally and in an angular position. The WAM is perfectly combinable with the Adenso WHR WaferHandling.Robot – the robot receives the correction data from the WaferAlignment.Module automatically via an interface.

WAM modules

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AAM AutoAlign.Modules

The Adenso AAM AutoAlignment.Module enables the position accuracy of the EE end effector within a process to be checked without stopping or opening the system. This tool can very easily and precisely register the current position of the substrate gripper and correct it if necessary.

221111 AAM 001_Bearbeitet_opt

Turning the wafer in
the vacuum


WFM WaferFlip.Modules

The Adenso WFM WaferFlip.Modules enable wafers to be turned over within the vacuum environment to process the back of the wafer.


WXM WaferExchange.Modules

The customised Adenso WXM WaferExchange.Module allows wafer exchange directly in the vacuum. The special module separates the wafer from the carrier, exchanges the respective wafer and reconnects it with the carrier.  The change is made without atmospheric contact within the system so that particle contamination is reduced significantly and processes are accelerated efficiently.

ADENSO_VACROBOTICS_201001 Adenso 200mm VAC ROBOTICS platform 064x_feature

EEX EndeffectorExchange.Modules

The Adenso EEX EndeffectorExchange.Module is a complex, customised module for changing EE end effectors within the VAC.ROBOTICS platform.

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