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Memberships and networks

With our expertise in Vacuum.Robotics, we are actively involved as a member of numerous company networks in Saxony. This collaboration in the High-Tech.Industry promotes a common innovation culture and knowledge of the latest trends in semiconductor technology.



Silicon Saxony

Silicon Saxony e. V. connects more than 300 manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, universities, research institutions and public facilities in the economic location of Saxony. The industry network for microelectronics and nanoelectronics, software, applications, smart systems and energy systems is thus the most successful in Europe. The association sees itself as a communication and cooperation platform for its members, with the objective of permanently strengthening the economic region as an ICT location.

Industrieclub Sachsen

The Saxony Industry Club (“Industrieclub Sachsen) based in Dresden was founded in 1990. It promotes the diverse economic and scientific potential in Saxony and contributes to the strengthening of the economic development of Middle Germany. It offers a forum for arranging and maintaining international contacts. Around 300 members of the Industrieclub Sachsen from companies of every magnitude, scientific and cultural facilities and professionals make use of this offer on numerous lecture and discussion evenings and in combination with social occasions.

Organic Electronics Saxony

Organic Electronics Saxony e.V. offers its members and all potential partners an expertise network in order to consolidate common interests and to afford its partners targeted, individual support. In particular, it offers a competent communication and cooperation platform to assert the existing position on the world market successfully and efficiently and specifically promotes internal know-how transfer in research and development.

Europäische Forschungsgesellschaft Dünne Schichten e.V. (EFDS)

The European Society of Thin Films (Europäische Forschungsgesellschaft Dünne Schichten e.V., EFDS) is active in the field of thin film technology. The society’s office is in Dresden, in the centre of the European semiconductor industry and an important centre of vacuum plant manufacturing. The EFDS is represented by its member firms and institutions, which form an active network in the application field of thin layer, vacuum and plasma surface technologies.

Technische Universität Dresden

Chair for Machine Tool Development and Adaptive Controls at TU Dresden. The chair promotes intensive collaboration with industry. A network with numerous leading SMEs in the machine tool industry enables application-oriented research and practical teaching. Due to its scientific expertise and latest technologies, the chair is ideally placed to support companies with the latest solution strategies.

AllMeSa | Mechatronics Alliance Saxony

The AllMeSa | Mechatronics Alliance Saxony realises plants and products worldwide with consistently high-performance technologies. The AllMeSa key technologies with mechatronic components, assemblies and methods participate in the mechatronics growth market (sensors, actuators, electronics). The AllMeSa Partner Alliance covers the progressively increasing complexity of products and technologies and develops the right product from the regional expertise network.

Sensorik Sachsen

The sensors innovation cluster promotes the digital networking of stakeholders operating in Saxony. The cross-industry networking takes place with the help of existing structures, such as the technology networks, the industry networks and the Economic Development Agency of Saxony. The focus is on the development and market launch of new sensor concepts incorporating the industrial research of sensor systems of the R&D facilities. Apart from basic research, top research is produced by industrial innovations. Also, as a result of the promoted collaboration, the companies develop into technology leaders and lead suppliers on the sensors market. Current trends and new sensor system requirements can be dealt with via the cluster in Saxony. In the automotive industry alone, as an example, automated driving and electromobility result in an enormous need for research focussed on sensors.

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