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LLM LoadLock.Modules

Our Adenso LLM 230/330 LoadLock.Modules enable loading of multiple substrates with a MAG magazine or WaferCassette under vacuum environment. All ports of the WaferHandling.Module are equipped with a lockable GATE to keep individual modules separate from each other in vacuum terms. Our WHR WaferHandling.Robot access the respective substrate via this gate valve.

The Adenso Loadlock.Modules
for research and production:

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190121 LLM330 018_Bearbeitet_1000

tailored for research and production

The LLM330 LoadLock.Module is a tailored carrier storage system for research and production. Based on a vertical lifting unit, the module enables continuous substrate handling and thus ensures constantly running processes. The LLM330 load lock module can be used for fully automated loading and unloading of between 5 and 50 substrates/carriers. Weights of more than 10kg per carrier are possible.


MLL ManualLoadLock.Modules

The Adenso MLL 200/300 ManualLoadLock.Modules are suitable for feeding plants with individual substrates or individual wafer carriers as well as small MAG magazines with up to 5 substrates


ALM AutoLoad.Modules

The Adenso ALM 230X AutoLoad.Modules close the process gap between manual loading solutions and fully automated WaferHandling.Robot systems. Fast, streamlined, independent, suitable for high-vacuum and cleanroom.

190121 ALM230X 004_Bearbeitet_1000
ADENSO_VACROBOTICS_201106 Adenso ALM AutoLoadModule 001xbearbeitet_1000

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adLOAD | advanced High.Capacity LoadLock.Modules

The Adenso adLOAD LoadLock.Modules offer an enormously high substrate capacity for cluster tools. 30, 40, 50 and more wafers per cycle can be accommodated in a LoadLock – an enormous increase in the autonomous time with the same footprint.

210606 Adenso adLOAD advanced loadlock solutions 405_Bearbeitet_1000

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190121 LLM330 017_Bearbeitet_1000


The Adenso FLP FOUP300.VAC.LoadPort enables direct loading of a FOUP in a vacuum environment.

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