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Adenso VSC

VSC VacuumSuitcase

Adenso’s VSC VacuumSuitcase is a mobile substrate transport solution for vacuum systems. An adapter set is used to dock the transport box onto a free port of a WHM WaferHandling.Module (or alternative tools). The WHR WaferHandling.Robot loads the respective substrate into the VSC which, after undocking, then transports it vacuum-tight to the next tool where it can be further processed.

Adenso VSC

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Cleanroom classes


Our clean booths can be operated up to ISO class 5 in accordance with EN ISO 14644-1:2015 with optional filter fan units (FFU). Adenso frequently implements higher cleanroom classes up to ISO class 3 as a general contractor working together with experienced partners.

All Adenso.Robots are designed up to class 3.

Adenso Cleanroom Solutions 1810-148_Bearbeitet_more_1000
Adenso Cleanroom Solutions 1810-177_Bearbeitet_more_1000

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