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Adenso supports students in need

Uwe Beier is Graduate of the Month in February 2021. As part of the public outreach of the Technischen Universität Dresden, graduates are presented monthly, whose successful CVs are a reason for studying at the TU Dresden. Why Uwe Beier donates to the “Students in need” Covid relief fund is also explained in his portrait.

Presented in the 2/2020 issue as Graduate of the Month, Adenso Managing Director Uwe Beier: From apprentice to innovation leader with “Glass from the roll”

It was clear to Uwe Beier very early on that his subsequent career would have something to do with mechanical engineering. At 26, the machine tool manufacture engineer became self-employed and is today an entrepreneur in international demand as an expert for ultra-thin glass.
As he has a lot to thank his university for, he did not have to consider long on receiving the call for help for the Corona-Spendenaktion (Covid donation campaign) for students in need reached.

“I still remember what it was like when money was sometimes tight as a student. If you then also lose your part-time job, it is even harder. I’ll naturally help immediately.”

In addition to offering money, he also offered and still offers part-time work/practical placements/research paper and dissertation work. How, as the managing director of Adenso GmbH, he continues to develop robot technology and roll-to-roll systems can be read about in the graduate magazine, Contact online”.
His portrait continues an alumni campaign on the social media channels of TU Dresden, which met with an extraordinarily high response last year. The “Graduate of the month” is presented at the start of each month. As a member of the TUD graduate network, they are closely connected to their alma mater and can be found with a detailed portrait on the website.

Adenso Geschäftsführer Uwe Beier im TUM-Alumni-Portrait: From apprentice to innovation leader with “Glass from the roll”

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