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adLOAD | HighCapacity LoadLock

Adenso supplements Product.Portfolio to include adLOAD | High-capacity LoadLock

adLOAD forms a completely new category of LoadLock.Modules for cluster tools, which are set apart a unrivalled Substrate.Capacity not achieved to date.

Instead of only 25 wafers per cycle possible so far, 30, 40, 50 and more can now be accommodated in a LoadLock – an enormous increase in the autonomous time with the same footprint!

All familiar options and combination possibilities from the VAC.ROBOTICS platform such as Alignment, multisubtrate gripper, temperature control, …, are compatible with this series.

Typical for Adenso, the adLOAD can also be configured for sizes with 200 and 300mm substrate size.

Combined with the 7-port central platform, this provides future-proof flexibility for all applications.

To this end, the Robot.Configurator creates customised systems from the Adenso Cluster.Platform online and thus offers the perfect working level for further implementation.

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