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adControl master interface

adControl – the master interface for all Adenso products

Interview with Uwe Beier, Managing Director of Adenso on the new adControl.Solution

On which competencies do our customers want to concentrate?
Process technologies!

 That is to say, for the networking of process modules in a cluster, our customers need central Robot.Modules for the handling of substrates between the processes and for inward and outward transfer. The process know-how is and remains with the customer.

What does a central handling module ideally look like in the view of our customers?
That is a completely independently operating, central Cluster.Module incl. an intuitively operated graphic user interface (GUI) and all necessary safety functions.

Can Adenso meet these customer requirements?
This is what the modular Adenso Robot.Platform was developed for:
Robot.Modules are configured for specific applications – almost as easily as for the familiar gaming pieces.
• The also modular Cluster.Control, adControl, then undertakes the complete control of the central handling module.

How is a Robot.Cluster now created for vacuum processes?

The process provider owns the technologies and puts together a configuration for their customers.
 Adenso selects a suitable Robot.Platform and necessary Robot.Modules and configures a Robot.Cluster together with the adControl.
Communication between the Handling.Robot and Process.Modules is dealt with via the adControl.Interface in a simple and also modular way.

How much time does it take for the basic startup of the Handling.Robot and Process.Modules?

As all systems are started up at the same time and independently of each other and the interface can be tested in advance, the basic startup of extensive cluster tools is also dealt with within only one day. The process startup can start from this time.

Is an initial startup possible on the final customer’s premises?

It is advisable to implement a prototype project – it is then usual to bring together startup the separately tested modules directly on the final customer’s premises and to start them up together.

Which sales and distribution system is behind adControl at Adenso?
As we opt for a licence model with adControl, our customers do not have to pay for the entire software development for each project. This results in significant time (because ready to use serial product) and cost benefits (only licence fee) for our customers.

What do Adenso.Customers particularly value?

Concentration on the – on our –  respective core competencies.
 Fast startup and short project runtimes with products and solutions Made in Saxony.

for Adenso R2R / winding systems
for Adenso cluster control systems

adControl, as the master interface, controls all Adenso products. Regardless of whether cluster systems from the Robot.Platform or R2R winding system. It is modular and hardware-independent system software for controlling all Adenso systems.

adControl is not a BETA, adControl is already running in the productive operation of several Adenso customers.

Impressions from the Semicon. The centre of attention – the adControl solution of Adenso:

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