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Move: Adenso goes 4.0

in a new production building with office and laboratory area As a provider of customised solutions and products, this Adenso investment in an innovative production environment is a further step for servicing all customer requirements in the future too. An area of around 1,500sqm therefore includes:
  • cleanroom for precision part assembly (WaferHandlingRobot and special customised assemblies, …)
  • incoming goods/shipping with high-bay store and air lock function
  • preassembly with separation to the
  • assembly area for assembly and tool assembly, startup, finalisation
  • workshop also air lock-separated
  • laboratory, server and plant rooms as well as flexibly usable
  • offices in the dry walling part of the new Adenso production shed
A special high-performance floor, electrical lifting technology, 10 km high-tech network and many other measures will be used in a targeted way in future so that the Adenso development and production can use many new acquired synergies in only one location. The whole shed area is designed as a grey space (a so-called grey space is much cleaner that the standard industrial environment, i.e. access is only possible via air locks. As all these measures are taking place at the same time as the extensive daily business and the move of the development department over a weekend is imminent, individual responses may take somewhat longer than usual for a short period. Nonetheless, all questions will be answers and priorities observed. The design and layout of the offices is currently underway, so that all Adenso employees and visitors truly feel more comfortable in the new surroundings and workflows and the use of space are efficient. For those of us who are inquisitive and want to experience what a modern industry 4-0 environment looks like today: The opening ceremony date will of course be announced in good time! Please note the new company address for Adenso GmbH and Adenso Industrial Services GmbH that is effective immediately, thank you: Am Weiher 3 OT Boxdorf/Dresden 01468 Moritzburg, Germany

Adenso thanks all participants and partners for the great realisation of our new industry 4.0 home Modular shed floor X9 for loads up to 6.5t Beutlhauser/Linde Electrical lifting technology – low-noise and floor-compatible interior design: Interior designer Judith Scholz Master painter/decorator: Mike Mittentzwei, Dresden IT network: TELETEK GmbH Dresden Electrical installations: Kreller, Dresden
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