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V2023: Adenso presents adCLUSTER

At the V2023 in Dresden, Adenso is currently presenting the new MULTI.CLUSTER.Solution adCLUSTER, with which Adenso.Customers can easily double the vacuum space for their processes. The V conference is Europe’s largest gathering for the vacuum, plasma and coating industry with experts from business and science.

On the first day, the traditionally top-class and numerous participants of the “V” already showed a great deal of interest in adCLUSTER: because our solution enables the processing of substrates in significantly more process stations than usual, on a minimum footprint – and does so without leaving the vacuum room, i.e. without the influence of oxygen, moisture, particles, etc. Adenso LIM LINK.Modules connect individual cluster tools to form a large vacuum area and, due to additional load ports, significantly more processes can be carried out in the smallest space. Our VAC.ROBOTICS platform thus enables complex vacuum systems, especially DUAL.CLUSTER – an innovative and space-saving solution for the optics, solar and semiconductor industry.

adCLUSTER uses the open, hardware-independent and flexible structure of the Adenso Cluster.Operating system adControl, with which Adenso.Customers can simply configure or expand their DUAL and MULTI.CLUSTER.Solution. The cluster control system with all its functions for vacuum process control was a popular focal topic among the visitors to our presentation this year at the V2023, which continues until 21 September in the International Congress Center in Dresden.

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