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WHM modules

Optional Pre- and Post-Processing.Modules

Adenso offers other optional Pre- and Post-Processing.Modules for maintaining the temperature of substrates of any size and for precise pressure control as additional system components of the Adenso VAC.ROBOTICS platform. 


adHEAT | advanced heating solutions

Numerous processes such as those used in SiC technology (Silicon Carbide) require high process temperatures (> 1,000°C). Substrates without preset temperatures require a long heating time. Optimise your processes and save valuable process time with adHEAT. Our HEATING/COOLING.Modules can be easily docked onto the Adenso VAC.ROBOTICS platform and are ready for use immediately.

WAM modules

Your advantages


advanced vacuum pressure control

adVAC – our solutions for precise pressure control within the cluster tool and its individual chambers. Adenso provides solutions individually matched to customer processes.


advanced vacuum pressure control DUT

adJET – our solutions for targeted provision of specific pressure values directly at the device under test (DUT). Gases and gas mixtures can be fed, independently and separated from their vacuum environment, directly to the substrate without spreading out in the surroundings in high concentration. 



STEALTH.CARRIER is a special substrate carrier, which is thermally almost invisible, for temperature applications, especially cryogenics. The carrier has virtually no heat signature and is therefore particularly suitable for environments with liquid gas such as helium up to 4.2 K. This Adenso.Solution can also be used for modified application cases such as HOT.TRANSFER or Chuck.Clamping.

Suitable for all substrates:



During ion implantation in the semiconductor industry, ions are deposited onto and into substrates such as wafers (doping, creating of planned shortcuts, etc.).
This enables targeted changes to the properties of the base material and/or the layers that have already been applied.

Adenso supports users in the field of ion beam technology:

For handling substrates in high vacuum environments, Adenso offers customer-specific implant modules (IMP) as part of the modular VAC.ROBOTICS platform.

The WHM-IMP200X.Module is designed for substrate dimensions of up to 200mm, on which wafer sizes of 150/100/75/50/25mm can also be processed.

The WHM-IMP300X.Module with the same functionality exists for 300mm wafers.Direct substrate handling as well as carrier solutions are available for all substrate sizes and dimensions (round, rectangular, special).


SSS SubstrateScanner.Solutions

The following special features are particularly valued by Adenso.Implanting customers:

Ion implantation systems are always configured customer-specifically – so contact us now and send us your requirements, ideas and sketches!


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